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Tutorial on avoiding account ban

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To begin with, I will make it clear that only will avoid banning through disconnection and no will avoid banishment when it appears on the game saying that warns that you have been banned (whenever You and caught using the hack the game closes or it will ban you on the game screen at the same time the only thing that happens to me and the banishment the when the game closesit what it will be was taught and not be banned through disconnection.)



1- (ATTENTION) All I will say, you have to do this every time you use the hack and the game finishes or disconnect (ATTENTION)

2-You go to the game folder and go to date folder and just stay there.

3-already in the folder you delete files with the format txt (text) for example what I saw that appears and the disconnect.txt and checkfile.txt , delete these files.

4-delete the files that are in the image format for example what I saw that appears and one called errorlog.

5-clean your temp folder, how to do it? you go in the start menu of your windows and search,  %temp%   ,and will clean the folder open and then close it.

6-Finally clean another folder temp so go in the windows menu and search execute will open a progaminha with a place to write and in this place you type only temp and will open a folder and then you delete what has in it.

7-and delete the folder ScreenCapture, obs: going tar on the date of the folder.


and what can do also and exclude the anthack folder of the game> xigncode and also the dll bugtrap.dll and bugtrap.dll and Doing that you have to repair the game more this does not have to do always.

just do it what I said and avoid being banned
only tested on void e br.


  1. For those who do not understand, I just know it's not going to be too good to read because I do not speak English.

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Diminui muito o risco de tomar ban fazendo esse processo

Em 16/10/2018 at 00:43, XPotato disse:

Aqui não aparece nada



nada o que ?

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