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Found 2 results

  1. so i just found elscheat.exe have ads to continue on cheat engine, but the ads cannot appear on box. what should i do? i am new on this ! ^-^
  2. UPDATED FOR OFFICIAL SERVERS AND 14.0! CHEADeleteG ON VOID = 100% BAN! CHEADeleteG ON OFFICIAL SERVER = NOT 100% SAFE ANYMORE THEY CHECK LOGS TOO! Hello Community! As I've already talked about in a different topic about my bot / Macro I will now publish a closer tutorial here! 1. So first you Void Elsword , the cheat and KeyCommander where you can download it here: 2. Next just normally start Elsword with the Cheat. 2.1. Check OneHit,Godmode, no damage and auto attack + auto walk. 3. Install keycommander and make sure that keycommander have admin privileges. 4. In Elsword you go in your Guild base just to avoid Walking out of the Village. 5. Windows have an screenkeyboard, start it and move it on a Point where its not over elsword because you Need to click on elsword Windows you know. ;D Here are some pics About my KeyCommander! 6. Now its tricky! You have to set up the bot now and thats not easy. Here are the steps to make the bot flawless! 6.1. First your mouse have to click on dungeon start, start alone and then OK. 6.2. Do something on your Left and up in the Keyboard so you walk and jump into the Right side all time ( You cant simulate your keys with keycommander because of xigncode) Use Auto attack + auto walk with the 14.0 update! 6.3. Now make the bot/macro move your mouse to X and click like 3 times so you character starts to hit and kill the Monsters. Use Auto attack + auto walk with the 14.0 update! 6.4. Setup the bot/macro also to avoid gate of Darkness because onehit doesnt work there, make an mouse move and click again to that positon. Since 14.0 you can clear god in 1 sec with the setDeletegs so you dont need to avoid it! 6.5 The next Problem is that the bot can also click on npc in the Guild base, fix this by Pressing Escape on the screenkeyboard with your mouse again. And make a mouse movement+click also on the X after Pressing Escape and that nh just try it! 7. So bot is up and safety to use! have fun! Q: Your english is shit! A: Mäh idc boi. Q: Which Dungeon? A: Every Dungeon where you can go through with the auto attack + walk. Q: I dont know how to Setup this and it cant simulate Keyboard Inputs! A: Use your screenkeyboard and simulate the mouse movements to the screenkeyboard to get Inputs work when you cant get it to work i tried it! Q: Is this safe? A: Nothing is safe when you are hacking!