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Found 5 results

  1. so i just found elscheat.exe have ads to continue on cheat engine, but the ads cannot appear on box. what should i do? i am new on this ! ^-^
  2. Is it possible yo run it without getting banned? On a side note, is there a list of thing not to do in void witch hack?
  3. Hi guys, I have a question, how does the mob summon works? Can I summon an Apocalypse Type Void in a normal dungeon and farm the Type Void? If yes, does someone can paste here a list with the number?
  4. I've been using this hack for 2 weeks. I used Full Map Attack + 1/5 Damage Critical, sometimes 2/5 too. Still no ban, but I'm afraid if I'm doing it wrong. Do you all think what I chooses are safe? Also, what is "Full Map Item Vac"? Thanks in advance... m(_ _)m
  5. Guys I am running Void Dungeon for the add weap and I have farmed 300 shards so far but no ban. I only use God mode and Full DP. Will it be easy for the staff to catch me hacking? Please help.