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  1. it is not a real ip block just try to create a new account normally and try to play safe
  2. https://github.com/cheatelsword/elscheats/releases/download/v15.0/ElsCheats.15.0.rar when you open the hack select closers and double click it
  3. Give thins man a medal, thanks a lot bro for the infos. i think FMA is not completely Full, but what is in front of you
  4. if the dont show press Ctrl+E search google press OK the click on something
  5. if it is on VOID the hack is updated for the game. just try now if it works
  6. it is not available yet
  7. if you have a white ad press Ctrl+L enter www.google.com and press on anything and here you go
  8. but i heard that you cant benefit from EXP and ED bonus from titles
  9. try to go to windows features and turn on your Internet Explorer
  10. summon hack kills doesnt give you EXP, ED, items or anything, and they dont count toward titles and quests
  11. maybe you are safe as long as the reseults tab show up becauseif the results tap show up you log will be saved in the game server (i think) and the staff will see your log and then you re fucked up
  12. go and beg XJapan to make it available
  13. Full map attack is not safe(when you turn it on, it will be active even if you close the hack) maybe FMA change something in the game and they detect that change and ban you.
  14. dont use full map attack and critical damage and farm ED with a dummy account, if you want to transfer ED to main account put something in the board(with the price you want) and let the dummy account buy it(you will lose some ED(5%-)) so the main account get the ED (i dont no if transfering ED throught mail is safe or what) farming ED: Do sinister intent everyday on all your chars and then sell the acc you get. Each only can sell for 90-120m. farm elranode accessories if you want more tips search in the VOID forum
  15. id

    they patched it so it wont drop anything