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  1. I see, I have nothing new either. Seems like we'll have to wait another major update in order to get more information.
  2. Whoa, how did you get ban 3 times? Yea, impossible damage was the best XD, it made farm life easy too bad is nerfed. Raid is pretty obvious that is unsafe. Elrianode City can only be done with 3 people nowadays, so it's hard to get in there ~ Hmm what caught my interest is that, if they want evidence from you then it's certain that a part of the information logs gets wiped from time to time (or should I say update to update).
  3. You may be onto something, but until we get a bigger sample we shouldn't jump to any conclusions. I've been breaking havoc in Elrianode / Add Dungeons and so far no trade-ban on my other test account.
  4. How many characters do you have in that account? It seems like the more characters you have the longer they are going to take.
  5. Hey xVon, I want to ask you something. How many characters do you have in your account that was released from trade-ban?
  6. Hello, anything new, xVon?
  7. They are useless, I don't know why you want to use that function. No idea if it is safe or not though. They don't affect title count.
  8. Probably it was because you checked the board too many times while doing dungeons (?)
  9. A few times, but the first time I got the void weapon was around 2 years ago with a lot of runs (100 ish with amazing clear time using hack) and didn't get trade-banned back then.
  10. Hello, xVon. Clear Time is around 1 minute and 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Hacks: -God Mode -Critical Chance: 4/5 -Critical Damage: 4/5 -Full Map Attack. I did around 50 runs in one character and 80 runs in another so a total of 130 runs. And wow I'm surprised they lifted it within one day lol I'm waiting for mine to be released.