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  1. Yea, it is; the logic is all around this forum, people constantly saying it ain't worth it. I would be wrong if there was only 1 version of Els to hack in, but there's more, and the others aren't such a hassle to do it like Void, so... Yeah... Still not worth it
  2. Seha would beat that just by working almost 100% with anything, but I do see your point there '<'
  3. Avoid hacking or just quit Void, it ain't worth hacking there anymore '<'
  4. FMA would cover that for the most part, and a crit hack would be awesome against bosses
  5. I really hope not, I don't think it fits a game like Closers (especially because a lot of substages got mobs spawning in waves, and the hack tends to bug stages like that in Elsword sometimes); also, ban chance vs derp users Also, thanks a lot :3
  6. Ik, that's why I felt the need to specify the direction some characters needed to be facing; I do hope XJapan will find a workaround regarding that hitbox tho. Crit chance and True Damage hacks would also be nice, albeit I guess finicky to make, given how the game works (in my understanding at least)
  7. Yo! So, I spent about 10 minutes testing all characters on CODEClosers while using God and FMA Maybe my experiences will differ from other people, and I'll appreciate feedback on that; welp, here's how it went: Seha - God works, FMA works with everything, almost flawless consistency (skills sometimes will fail when facing away from mobs) Seulbi - God works, FMA works only on melee hits (won't work with hits that throw the knives); also, skills won't work Yuri - God works, some hits will only register when facing mob's back, skills will hit with some consistency (needs to be a bit close to mobs and sometimes facing away from them) Mistel - No me gusta J - God works, skills will sometimes work when facing away from mob's back (except for Sonic Jab and Clothesline) Nata - God works, FMA will work well when hitting mobs while facing them (skills need to be facing away from mobs) Levia - No me gusta Harpy - God works, FMA is very inconsistent at times (needs to face away from mobs with a certain distance, no air hits), especially with some of her skills Tina - GOD WILL WORK ON MOBS INSTEAD OF HER Violet - God works, FMA (hits and skills) will work when facing away from mobs (won't work in air) Wolf - God works with a bit of inconsistency regarding taking hits, FMA works when far from mobs and facing away (skills and air hits won't work) Moon in Spanish (because censorship xP) - God works, FMA is somewhat inconsistent (air hits won't work most of the time, some hits and skills need some distance from mobs and to be facing away from them) Soma - God works, FMA works when facing away from mobs (skills won't work) Bai - God works, FMA is very inconsistent (needs to be facing away from mobs, and yet it just won't work sometimes); also, skills tend not to work 90% of the time Seth - God works, FMA works best when facing away from mobs, skills will work sometimes when facing mobs, and sometimes when facing away (most worked properly) @XJapan I hope this can help you in any way possible! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!
  8. People with shit pcs crash a lot more than those who have a decent one (and we're not talking about gaming pcs btw) It's a fact, so sorry to step on your toes, but it's a fact. OOOOO, you thought I was blaming the cheat? Yea, I talk about shit pcs and you think it's on the cheat... Go work on your interpretation skills, mate, it's very important not to talk shit in moments like these.
  9. As far as the hack have working so far, crit damage and chance are crashing; the whole hack is too unstable, so I recommend waiting. The dungeons you wanna avoid is Elrianode and Henir; maybe Add's Fusion, but it's heavily dependent on your gear. Whenever v14 comes out, all I can say is that NoDamage is the way to go (using it, then toggle off, rinse and repeat); for damage, you can use titles, crit dmg 1-2/5, double attack (Ain preferably) and maybe attack speed (on shit PCs it tend to crash). Just remember not to hack in a party, and to keep your times at a safe value (6 to 8 minutes on SD, 10 minutes on heroic) and to NEVER use it on henir. PS: Times can be lower (about 2 minutes less) if you got good gear.
  10. I just use Crit Dmg 1/5, AP's damage is more than enough (w/ gear) for that to work wonderfully; I tend to use that in the final 2 to 3 stages. The No Damage need is for some dungeons that got pesky stages (ello, Sander) xD Finishing time must be 6 minutes upwards because even if you got gear, they will look into it if you're finishing fast enough. e-e Double Attack is also feasible if you play a character like Ain, who got double attack steroids all around.
  11. I don't party up often, so I don't think I've made some eyebrows rise so far xD And unfortunately, that one character is the only one who got everything I need to not be considered suspicious when farming stuff :c Will not hack there then; since No Dmg is usable, I can spam SD's just fine /o/
  12. Yo people! Just wanna ask about some stuff. 1st - No Damage, is it safe to use? Not being able to toggle God Mode makes me a bit unconfortable bc I gotta quit everytime I decide to party up. 2nd - With a +11 Void Stage 5, +9 2/2 2/2 Heroic, Shadow's Descent, would it be suspicious if I hacked on Solace? Thanks!
  13. God Mode, 1-2/5 Crit Dmg 6-8 minutes Pretty much that
  14. Because I'm not a tryhard that spend lots of time into this game, so hacking optimizes it a lot '<' That, and the fact that I can't party up for Solace
  15. Full +9 heroic and +10 Stage15 Void, I guess that's good enough, right? :3