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  1. let me give everyone a small tip. all they check is : how much damage you take, how much critic damage you do. that's all and also you gear, If you have a decent gear yo won't be detected. the staff of void are really lazy af and they won't check everything if you be careful with these things. you won't be banned at all
  2. I can Claim that i have been hacking for over 6 months with plenty of 99 levels but as nanachifre says, Yeah i have my own ways to do it and to be alert, You can't really hacked without being tracked, all you could do is observe your banned accounts and learn from your mistakes.
  3. you're abusing the hack way too much that's why you're getting banned.
  4. it does work
  5. did you try deleting the hack and the downloading it again
  6. what's your internet speed, and can you tell us your system configuration?
  7. Honestley all i would say is don't hack to make ED, hack to make yourself geared then stop it, that's all you need hack for.
  8. start both, then launch the game first > then when you see game guard loading launch the hack (do this after you have clicked the ad for the day)
  9. el tower defence, Void dungeons, Henir, and 11-4(deb lab) they have high risk of getting banned.
  10. they don't just ban you, they check your status and then ban you, 4-5mins per run is done by +10-11, if you don't have it or you're not using a broken class char, then it's obviously it will become easy for them to detect
  11. needs an update
  12. idk about other servers, but i have been getting them on void
  13. 11750 gives you high exp and ED drop rate. and rest are the ones above mentioned
  14. it must be your internet that is not able to hold it
  15. If you're using Void Server then you have to follow this: Turn elzword launcher on(Don't start hack yet) and turn your game launcher on side by side select void server and click start button and immediately click on "Play" button on game launcher. The actual problem that occurs sometimes is that because of your slow loading of game. The hack bypasser tries to bypass game after gameguard is launched. and is getting detected that's why it closes x2.exe instantly. you can go and check in task manager, this is what happens. it happened to me but since I'm developer myself i figured out this solution. you gotta launch them together. with little practice you'll be able to do it perfectly