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  1. If you really have been waiting 20 minutes for the download, there you have a shitty internet or you should restart the download
  2. Hahahhahaha, thats funny and sadly true. They have become too powerfull because they are the only Private Elsword and that makes their ego risen up. (if someone sees this, please make competence making another private elsword). I remember these good times when they gave away EL coins, Avatars, good droop, Exp and Ed ammount... and now they don't do any events (it's the same fucking event). You purpose them to transalate the game in other idioms and they don't do anything. They go with ''justice'' saying ''we don't want hackers, scammers, we are legal, bla, bla, bla'' and they are a private server stealing files of an original game and making monetary profit of it... this have a name in my country: hypocrisy. I'm so damm agree with you, also because when I tryed to get back the account, they couldn't even specify what I've done, they locked the thread to not answer back... they are even like those kids lol. You really though it could be a good idea to say that in a Cheating forum? Before saying something: put some logic please...
  3. Greethings, its first time they ban me on Void. Sincerly I dont care, you know, I just hacked little bit, none abuse at all. But now that happend I will make new account and hack, even with bot. Some recomendations to start again? Is there any tips to avoid ban?
  4. Yo XJapan, its been a while.


    I'll go to the point, let me be your apprentice xD