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  1. it's not worth it on void anymore to hack. with +9 heroic you can easily clear the dungeon without hacking, also with this event with x2 drop getting weapon is a matter of max 50 runs. stay safe and don't hack on void if you don't want to lose your account
  2. Tysm! Is it safe to use when i just go to secret dungeons to level up my character? I mean,is it any difference before and after I hit lvl 99, does it get more dangerous or not? Of course! I've never been the type to abuse it or speedrun or anything like that, i just need something while i farm for some decent eq.
  3. I don't really play on NA that much, but recently i made an acoount and I'm curious how and what hacks can I use without being banned. for ex. add's dungeon or secret dungeons/heroics? or should I just give up and play like a normal player?
  4. I've got a problem with setting up the bot. I got the movement right, but the problem is that it's not clicking, it works on my browser etc, but in elsword only movements work. Also bot is mostly in german so i don't really understand it quite well :/