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  1. Give you guys an update , a friend of mine is trade restricted forever (said by the KOG CS itSelf) , but the account was not banned , crazy right?
  2. @Laby hey there , do you have discord ? i would like to ask something along the way , if you can
  3. @XJapan you might not know this but recently there are trade ban everywhere on elsword NA , and those were hacking got banned because of this . ( you can called massive trade ban ) So it would be really great if someone know how logs system work and the Lenght of Log , so incase a trade ban happen we can wait till the log got wiped , then ticket it. Refer to this thread :
  4. Since void is down , can anyone ask their admin about their log System? for more information about log see this : i'm really curious that can elsword log be wipe from time to time? , as this thread stated that once you are hacking , you are screwed , because log never got deleted , log have a lenght of 7 months or more . this thread also stated that the Log system : " admins don't know how often you use skills nor the used quantity of MP ". Any information would be nice , idk if @XJapan know about this?
  5. do you used mana hack ? is it safe?
  6. but i mean , if i'm not the host , and i'm using hack , Does the one Hosting get the hack too? have you tried with your friend like : your friend is the host , and you are using hack ( but you are not the host ) ?
  7. Hello , i have a question if i were to use hack in queue in NA , is the person who hosting the dungeon get the hack too? Since hosting dungeon is random (in Queue), it will be impossible for GM to detect who is actually using hack?
  8. if you did read what i said : " i Have never had this problem before " tho, it crash alot right now because the hack is unstable
  9. Hack Crash in 11-4 way too much right now , the god mode is not working at some point in the map ,For Example : monters appear in 2nd Stage (11-4) Do Dmg while "God mode" is On. i run 3 times on 11-4 and then crash, i have never has the problem before, usually it would crash only one but after spent about 70 ~ 90 % of sta , right now , 3 ~ 4 run and crash pls fix it
  10. i cant seem to load the hack with this speed , it's not my internet conection , my internet conection were acting fine , there is something wrong with this site that i have a long ass loading time on this site as well
  11. Idk why when it comes to 11-3 dungeon , it always D/c , any tips? while i doing normal dungeon is fine ( well less d/c than 11-3 , atleast i was able to stay in 30 mins and not 4 mins crash 11-3) hack used : crit dmg Crit chances god mod ATK all at once
  12. it shows nothing, cant click the ads