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  1. i used full mp and cri damage 1/5 or 2/5, god mod and FMA
  2. in elrianode dungeon ed drop too much but i dont know hacking in elrianode are safE?
  3. btw u can hack in elrianode?
  4. god mode not working and it's safe when hack in elrianode? Server NA
  5. sr i mean how to open hack and use in NA
  6. how to hack in NA?
  7. God mod and Full map atk + one hit in SD and heroic are safe! but in Add's energy idk with 178 item lv and full set heroic can run add's energy with god mod,full map atk and one hit ???
  8. I wanna asked about hack in Add's Dungeon are safe at Xmas Event?