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  1. go play maplestory if you want a game in which you can freely hack with no consequences
  2. Ran: Nukes the guild mentioned above
  3. Which options are the safest to use; still reliable but won't get you banned?
  4. No, but make that guide you were speaking of (:
  5. Of course they wouldn't remove the trade restriction. But if your account is old enough and it had it, it's probably gone by now
  6. Do not send them a ticket asking about why you have trade restriction. They'll check your account and check clear times as well as gear and if it's unreasonable, you get banned. Once you get trade banned all you can do is wait.
  7. Moving over to Elsword NA and I'd like to know how to start hacking. Is hacking to level 99 safe? What methods should I use? What methods should I use to farm ED?
  8. Whatever happened with the fabled void anti-ban? It never came out? I don't even see it being advertised anymore
  9. Didn't get banned for using hacks, I didn't need to use them. Don't wanna say what got me hardware ID banned :x
  10. I was hardware banned for a couple of months. Probably half a year. After big updates It goes away.
  11. This method doesn't work, got banned
  12. Fix your tutorial then. You got me banned, don't get others banned. Say that as soon as the boss is dead, hit esc. Then when the character portrait comes on and when you've collected all the items, you can just hit esc.
  13. On further inspection, RIGHT AFTER you pick up items from boss (or when pet does it), the end screen pops up/you're not able to escape out of the dungeon. This tutorial does not work and I hope you know you got whoever tried this banned After you kill final boss, hit "esc" right away. As soon as your pet picks up the items (It will show you on the bottom left) hit "ok" to exit the dungeon. Otherwise It wont work.
  14. Great now I'm probably banned lol
  15. This does not work If you get GoD at the end of the dungeon.