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  1. Please, send a screen of the ban, I need to know some things.
  2. They auto-destroyed their server eliminating all hackers from server, that will destroy Void definitively. They need to decide two things: to remove the hackers from server or be a normal server that controls ONLY PVP AND HENIR.
  3. Good idea, but it's not good to remove the important cheat of this hack, Autokill...
  4. Void applied a reform, so all safe rules have been changed. Void now can check logs, GM and GS are more powerful, Ran is good more cannabis in these days and now hacking in Void is not safe anymore, in dungeon and in PVP. It's more safe in NA now, because they have a lot of players and they can't control 1500 players a day. GameForge servers (Europe) are more more safe, because they check some lines of logs. Ran knows there is LunaLoader and MoonLoader, they know we hacking items, YOU DON'T KNOW VOID ARE SPYING THE HACKING COMMUNITY, and they succeed, congratulations to hacking people for revealing secrets and exploits of Void, and publishing Void hacks, thanks to Ferrums, XJapan, Venipa to transform Void to the most unsafe server on Elsword. So guys, abandon Void, it's unsafe to hack and useless, more useful hacking in NA or european servers. Bye.