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  1. they have logs. im pretty sure. i just gave him settings so he wouldnt get banned its slow but itll make him not get banned.
  2. just dont do stupid shit and cant stress this enough ALWAYS 1 crit damage, nothing above, nothing, if you higher then rip. for Crit chance just do 1-3. and uhh god mode if you want (solo) dont do stupid stuff in public tho and clear dungeons at a reasonable speed I use a VPN also since void tracks ur shit. also dont do stupid shit in solo also like full map, and all that
  3. that’s unfortunate, oof you shouldn’t leak private private stuff but anyways I might, I found out pretty safe farming settings haven’t been banned yet
  4. lmao oof
  5. Added, I’m doger
  6. yessir just tell me ur discord PM me it or just give it here
  7. ok, so basically I got back into Elsword Void and I wanna play hack with someone else because it’s way better doing it not alone. Of course on new accounts and we will be using low settings but also clear the dungeon at a reasonable time and be at the same pace in progress lmk if you wanna play I need like 1-2 players. Reply btw also have discord :sunglasses: