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  1. Im using windows 8 i got a crash while im on a dungeon so i restarted the hack immediately but then a pop-up window shows "internet explorer not available" "Please, enable your Internet Explorer" try these and hope it helps >open task manager >end task the running internet explorer >try opening the hack again
  2. I've experienced this "trade banned" and manage to lift it by sending a ticket on the CS. This happens before the ERP revamp on NA/INT. It took me a month of waiting for them to check my logs and somewhat manage to avoid getting permanent ban. I'm using xJapan's cheat for about 4 years now. Here are some of my information that may help -i always run elrianode dungeon for farming ED [ETD(full mobs)=6minutes with an overall damage of 8.2b and Debrian laboratory(normal mode)= 3minutes with an overall damage of 2.6b] -i dont use the hack with others even if its a close friend, i always run solo -my CP before ERP revamp is 550k, my CP after ERP revamp is 750k(+11 void + 10 elrianode) -i dont go henir/heroic/sdg dungeons coz too small ED gain there -i use the hack on drabaki when solo with an overall damage of 8.2b -haven't tried to use the hack on rosso raid coz i dont have teammates and my pc is a potato i dont think NA cannot keep the logs coz they check my account within a month (thats a lot of time). i have 30 characters on that account that running dungeon everyday. i think the "misbehavior" of the account that the game system seen was the amount of damage you've done on a certain dungeon and how fast you do it. i always run Debrian laboratory with a consistency of 3minutes with 2.6b overall damage every day for 2years but manage to avoid getting permanent ban.
  3. dont, if you ever tried and you didnt get banned its okay, but when the time comes when like this "trade-ban" occurs and then they want you to record a clean (cheatless) run on add dungeon, you would not match the time and damage aaaand will make you suspicious, unless you got +12 void/rosso weapon