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  1. I did a post couple months ago explaining how I hack without getting banned. Here is the link if you want to check it out
  2. In my opinion, they're not safe at all. Always when I used even in Secrets I got ban.
  3. Yes, and play with a party, or with queue buff. And never do the dungeon with less than 5 min.
  4. Check this guide!
  5. Do you have the necessary CP? (120k) [I'm trying to get the title btw]. If yes, why not try ^^
  6. In my opinion, doing dungeons over 8 minutes isn't worth. Like, you won't be banned but your progression will be so slow that it's not worth at all. I can't farm any Varnimyr dungeon because it crashes all the time. But, good tips.
  7. Full Map Attack and HP full isn't safe. They (moderators) can easily see you aren't taking damage or you are hitting every mob in the dungeon and ban you. I got ban in every account I used FMA and God mode/Hp full.
  8. Im with the same problem, sometimes only using mp full
  9. First of all, this is my opinion and things that I developed with my own experiences! I'll split into few topics: Level up 1 to 70 Level up 70 to 99 After the 99 Level up 1 to 70: The 1 to 70 up is 100% safe and easy. Just go with full map attack and Critical chance 3/5, Damage Critical 2/5 and you'll be fine. Level up 70 to 99 In level 70 you unlock the Secret Dungeon, So, turn off the Full Map Attack and keep the others configs. I recommend to play with a random party, but if you're gonna play solo, you can turn on the Full MP. But, never turn on the Full Map Attack and God Mode. After the 99 After the 99 you'll want to farm some ED. The dungeon doesn't matter. But, keep in mind you cant finish them less than 5 min. I don't recommend to do Henir. Because you can pass it too fast and end up in the board ranking. I'm farming laboratory right now, but, if you have any other ED farming method or a better dungeon to spam, tell me. (I'm needing it XD). Let's share our knowledge about ED farming.
  10. Are you sure about that? I used this hack a lot. And I always see people talking that God mode and full map attack isn't safe. I have a lot of banned accounts. God mode isn't safe because they can easily see that you're not taking any damage and then ban you. Full map attack isn't safe 'cause with it, you do a lot of damage. I tried by myself and I'm playing for about 5 days with this configs: Damage Critical - 2/5 Chance Critical - 3/5 Full MP when SOLO. And I'm playing with a random party, so I don't need to do all the job. I've got 1 void weapon and now I'm farming ED.
  11. Hi, I'm coming back to play Elsword today, and I remember I used this hack on my old accounts So, I want to know if there is any safe config to get level 99 and farm ED after it. (I know there is not a 100% safe config when you're talking about hacks, but I want one that will let me farm my ED, not too fast, and that I won't get permabanned, so I can get my main strong enough to turn off the hack someday) ^^
  12. Thank you, do you know any method to level up fast an account just to farm?
  13. I got banned doing that, but probably I did something wrong, I will try again. You said that soon you will show how to program a bot, have you did it? Thank you
  14. I have a question, theres any way to farm lab with hack without get banned?