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  1. If you use a new character, you may wait for 3 days. But if your'e not you may like this : Trade Restriction is u've been banned. Just wait "No Response from Server".
  2. Thanks You
  3. already update guys. . . worked now
  4. I choose Elsword NA on this cheat. But something wrong is happen. Look at this version on cheat NA. "Version: VOID|14" But i choose for NA, then displayed VOID. I try to Dungeon, it's not function. Please fix this.
  5. That's not disabled, but this cheat is wrong. You can check it like this : 1. Open the tool Elzword.exe 2. Choose your Elsword you use it. I choose is Elsword NA. 3. Clik square button below the text. 4. Open Elsword NA Game. 5. Look!. That's something wrong. Look at the type version on cheat. The text display is " Version: VOID | 14"