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  1. Oh I see, thanks for your work!
  2. The hack still says version 14 though
  3. Nothing so far. Everything has been smooth for me. Although i'm avoiding henir like the plague. With the hack anyways.
  4. could be but I never tested if it really was the case or how long it'd be before it's wiped
  5. That person is right. 3 times I got banned before was mainly do to impossible damage and time in henir. Also it isn't safe to hack raid because that's one of the way's they found out. The reason why you're able to go crazy right now in elrianode / add dungeon is because xjapan dropped the damage significantly compared to before so it's harder for them to detect. Also, avoid hacking elrianode city, that's how they found me out last time considering they wanted me to provide evidence of me doing elrianode city run.
  6. I have 5 characters on the account
  7. Nope it is now. Last week's update brought back Eclipse, reaper and oath. I just unlocked reaper lmao
  8. Nothing much. Well I do plan on farming reaper and later oath.
  9. btw is using summons safe?
  10. Nope I did that many times but only this time in particular it got restricted. Also it wasn't THAT many times I checked lmao.
  11. Idk if that's the cause then it would've happened much sooner. Also I haven't bought anything from the board yet.
  12. Well yeah back then it was fine since I got countless void weapons then but maybe something changed not too long ago to trigger these trade restrictions. I've been only using the hack to do add dungeons with recent events and I've been constantly checking the board while doing those runs too since I was checking for an item I want, and it was only after I got the void weapon did I saw the restriction when trying to use the board.
  13. I also had the same hacks enabled... did you also do add dungeon when you got trade banned?
  14. I'm not sure but between the two events that was when it happened for me. What time did you usually clear add dungeon with? And which hack you used if any. Also I sent a ticket and they already released my account again. There has to be something in that dungeon to trigger that trade ban.