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  1. Xjapan na needs to be fix 😀

  2. Disable your antivirus !!!
  3. we had to launch without time, we will be updating the new files in a few hours!!!
  4. New version 15.0: https://www.elscheats.com/
  5.  Where to download new files

  6. Yes, in NA is safe
  7. Please XJapan..

    I need anti-ban on Void Elsword..


    Hi, can you explain how anti-ban works on Elsword VOID?


    I open the game with the hack and when I log in, the button does not work ..


    What can I do?

  9. Yo XJapan, its been a while.


    I'll go to the point, let me be your apprentice xD

  10. check your antivirus, he is probably blocking the ad...
  11. try this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17441/windows-internet-explorer-change-reset-settings
  12. não to conseguindo ver na no painel de vendas , aparece uma mensagem trade restrict from you


    sabe omo resolvo isso?

  13. disable your antivirus! especially if you have windows defender!!!