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    Greetings Alright, as i know, how to use it is : Skill 1 & 2 is for A skill Slot in Game SKill 3 & 4 is for S skill Slot in Game Skill 5 & 6 is for D skill Slot in game Skill 7 & 8 is for C skill Slot in game Skill 9 & 10 is for E skill slot in game Link Photo https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c5mHZK80SSDxJ326QgeTYjkI7x56e7Ti/view?usp=sharing so we can only use 5 skills without cooldown, just adjust the place of skill you want to use. that's all I know if im wrong plase reply this post. and sorry for my bad english.
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    Check if your antivirus or windows defender is disabled and check if you have quarantined hack files!!! If necessary use CCleaner to clean your computer The problem is not in the hack, your antivirus must have blocked the files to download!!!
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    NA Players might recording and taking a screenshot on hackers, u might get perm banned from hacking in raid and henir.
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    No, just dont use it on dungeons with timers like henir, or on snek and do not use it on el city since you might get reported seeing that your full damage (on leaderboards after doing the dungeon) is on billions.
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    Open the CMD and add this: ipconfig /flushdns