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    Possible fixes for you Ad problem!

    hello! today im going to share you to guys a list of possible fixes i did that helped me fix the ad problem that is happening to some of us! this is what the ad bug looks like for me if that is happening to you ( or something similar as the ads won't even show up, or after clicking the ad nothing happens, etc) this is caused because of several issues of internet explorer, if anyone knows any other fixes please add them below! [FIX NUMBER 1] lets start with the basic, sometimes for people who doesn't use internet explorer at all, your internet explorer normally opens in a small sized widow like this one as you can see it opens in a small window, now drag the edges of the window to make the internet explorer window bigger NOTE: DO NOT PRESS THE MAXIMIZE BUTTON! DRAG THE EDGES TO FILL YOUR WHOLE SCREEN, I REPEAT DO NOT PRESS THE MAXIMIZE BUTTON! after DRAGGING THE EDGES OF INTERNET EXPLORER it should look something like this now after internet explorer now fits properly, DO NOT CLOSE IT THROUGH THE [X] BUTTON! hold CTRL button on your keyboard, while holding it, right click on your internet explorer app on your task bar and select CLOSE WINDOW after closing your internet explorer, open the hacks again and the ad should appear normally now [FIX NUMBER 2] The second fix relies on resetting your internet explorer options, although most of the time fix number 1 should fix the issue, but if it doesnt here's another fix you can try NOTE: THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THERE WILL BE A BUG THAT CAUSES THE OPTION SETTINGS FOR INTERNET EXPLORER TO BE GREYED OUT, SCROLL DOWN BELOW IF THIS IS THE CASE FOR YOU, IF NOT CONTINUE! Go into your internet explorer > just below the X button there should be a wedge icon, click that, > internet options > click on the advanced tab > right below the "reset advanced settings" should be another reset button, click that, check the box on the lower left corner ( NOTE CHECKING THIS WILL DELETE ALL PERSONAL DATA ON INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER, PASSWORD, HISTORY, ETC) > after clicking the box, hit reset, and restart your PC. [IN CASE YOUR INTERNET OPTIONS OR SEVERAL OTHER OPTIONS IN YOUR INTERNET EXPLORER IS GREYED OUT, THIS IS A FIX!] this should only be followed if some ( or most, or even just the internet option itself) are greyed out once you press the widget button in the internet explorer, this is a fix you can try open up control panel > network and internet > internet options and from there follow the pictures below, this is the same as the above fix, but it is just a different way of resetting internet explorer in case you have the greyed out bug. hopefully one of the fixes in here works for you!
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    You can make hack for origin is only beta i think i easy xD
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    If i were you i would only use full map attack, and it is recommended that you take some damage to your character... And most importantly, finish in a time that you would normally finish if you hadn’t used the hack, understood? The recommended is not to use, but I am saying these tips because they worked for me!!! Never use hack to increase attack in these dungeons!!! Never finish quickly in these dungeons!!! Never use Autokill in these dungeons!!! Following these tips you will be fine. Do not worry ?
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    Chat on the website not working

    I have no rights to typ there @XJapan
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    Hack for Elsword EU

    @XJapan Hi master, can we have hack for EU server? I mean for all EU clients like DE, IT, FR, PL ect in one?
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