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    Yo! So, I spent about 10 minutes testing all characters on CODEClosers while using God and FMA Maybe my experiences will differ from other people, and I'll appreciate feedback on that; welp, here's how it went: Seha - God works, FMA works with everything, almost flawless consistency (skills sometimes will fail when facing away from mobs) Seulbi - God works, FMA works only on melee hits (won't work with hits that throw the knives); also, skills won't work Yuri - God works, some hits will only register when facing mob's back, skills will hit with some consistency (needs to be a bit close to mobs and sometimes facing away from them) Mistel - No me gusta J - God works, skills will sometimes work when facing away from mob's back (except for Sonic Jab and Clothesline) Nata - God works, FMA will work well when hitting mobs while facing them (skills need to be facing away from mobs) Levia - No me gusta Harpy - God works, FMA is very inconsistent at times (needs to face away from mobs with a certain distance, no air hits), especially with some of her skills Tina - GOD WILL WORK ON MOBS INSTEAD OF HER Violet - God works, FMA (hits and skills) will work when facing away from mobs (won't work in air) Wolf - God works with a bit of inconsistency regarding taking hits, FMA works when far from mobs and facing away (skills and air hits won't work) Moon in Spanish (because censorship xP) - God works, FMA is somewhat inconsistent (air hits won't work most of the time, some hits and skills need some distance from mobs and to be facing away from them) Soma - God works, FMA works when facing away from mobs (skills won't work) Bai - God works, FMA is very inconsistent (needs to be facing away from mobs, and yet it just won't work sometimes); also, skills tend not to work 90% of the time Seth - God works, FMA works best when facing away from mobs, skills will work sometimes when facing mobs, and sometimes when facing away (most worked properly) @XJapan I hope this can help you in any way possible! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!
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    Ik, that's why I felt the need to specify the direction some characters needed to be facing; I do hope XJapan will find a workaround regarding that hitbox tho. Crit chance and True Damage hacks would also be nice, albeit I guess finicky to make, given how the game works (in my understanding at least)
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    Give thins man a medal, thanks a lot bro for the infos. i think FMA is not completely Full, but what is in front of you
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    seha most important nuke deosnt work with this cheat dont use it buggy af
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    https://github.com/cheatelsword/elscheats/releases/download/v15.0/ElsCheats.15.0.rar when you open the hack select closers and double click it
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    Hahahhahaha, thats funny and sadly true. They have become too powerfull because they are the only Private Elsword and that makes their ego risen up. (if someone sees this, please make competence making another private elsword). I remember these good times when they gave away EL coins, Avatars, good droop, Exp and Ed ammount... and now they don't do any events (it's the same fucking event). You purpose them to transalate the game in other idioms and they don't do anything. They go with ''justice'' saying ''we don't want hackers, scammers, we are legal, bla, bla, bla'' and they are a private server stealing files of an original game and making monetary profit of it... this have a name in my country: hypocrisy. I'm so damm agree with you, also because when I tryed to get back the account, they couldn't even specify what I've done, they locked the thread to not answer back... they are even like those kids lol. You really though it could be a good idea to say that in a Cheating forum? Before saying something: put some logic please...
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    lol atlest u hack i got banned for making a toxic guild lol void gms are legit cancer and the formus are filled with kids
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    FMA would cover that for the most part, and a crit hack would be awesome against bosses
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    Ahh you are right,well i only need burst damage with low gear so i can farm material XD
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    Thanks for information,i hope Xjapan make Auto Kill